The most beautiful salon models 2019

The most beautiful salon models 2019

Pintereste exclusive newest 2019 most beautiful salon models.

In 2019 lounge sets, large comfortable furniture is used in bold colors. The seats are filled with the collection goose feathers and are foldable characteristic large cushions in a deck chair position to create a customized and relaxing experience.

2019 Living Room Models

We see that the fireplace really makes a difference in the living room.

fireplace house decor

As in this interior space color composition, the modern Scandinavian style and the golden color of the old charm are the details of the luxury and nobility that are clearly visible when sprinkled with material.

Another interesting and in-depth trend for 2018/2019 is the presence of pine green, mustard yellow and royal blue colors.

In 2018 salon models, more dore and blue tones are used together with natural wood tones. In this way, more warm and stylish halls are created.

We have to turn our attention to the use of rich material compositions, such as the different shining surfaces of velvet and metal, and the addition of dark wood. Copper has a valuable place and the details made of gold metal are very popular.

Details and articles about the new salon models 2019 will come.

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